"Mickey Milkovich (rivetingly played by Noel Fisher) first made his mark in an unexpected Season 1 sexual encounter with teenage Gallagher son Ian (Cameron Monaghan). Ian, established as gay early in the series, receives tacit support from the handful of family members and friends to whom he comes out. Mickey, by contrast, is a profoundly closeted neighborhood thug: a belligerent, grubby kid with the words “FUCK U-UP” tattooed on his knuckles … who also happens to be an exuberant bottom.   However, instead of writing off this hook-up as another one-time moment of comedic outrageousness, Shameless has made Mickey’s arc a surprisingly sensitive one, examining the impact of poverty and family violence on the character’s life." 

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So I read a fic a while ago I don’t remember when it was set I just remember that Ian and Mick just started seeing each other again, it was a future fic and Mickey was seeing this married guy named Cole who abused him and Ian wants to fight the guy and Mickey gets really hurt and put in the hospital. For the LIFE of me I can not remember who wrote it or what it’s called! Help please!!!

"Every other season of Shameless has ended with either Ian or Mickey walking away; this season ended with Mickey firmly planting his feet on the ground and refusing to go anywhere."


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Got the shirt! Changed the design a bit, but I found the PERFECT font as close as I could get to Mickey’s tattoo’s.

Ordered from UberPrints, around 30 dollars, shipping only took 2 days.

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A collection of letters written but never sent, by Mickey Milkovich


Look Gallagher, I really don’t fucking care that you left, but you left me with a bunch of your shit. I don’t want your CDs or your lighter or your fucking jacket. Never even fucking fit me. Just come back and take your…


A collection of letters written but never sent, by Ian Gallagher

Mickey, look, I don’t know how the fuck this is supposed to work but I can’t stop thinking about it. I just need to know if you’re happy. She’s your wife, you chose her, but does she make you happy? Because I’m really fucking…